Making Earth Observation
Accessible to Everyone

At Simera Sense, we focus on making Earth Observation effortless and accessible, allowing everyone to understand better the earth’s past, present, and future. We believe that by making extraordinary instruments to probe the planet, we can make a tangible impact on our future.


Scaling your Earth Observation Opportunity

At Simera Sense, our goal is to help Earth Observation mission providers to eliminate development risks, focusing on their strengths and reduce time to market. To that end, Simera Sense produces leading optical payload and Cubesat imager solutions with the highest performance in the most compact form factor. We develop these payloads more cost-effectively than any other company by using lean procedures while maintaining quality and performance.


Unlocking Earth Observation Possibilities for our Clients

Simera Sense positioned itself to address the latest NewSpace market needs while designing our supply line to scale fast. Businesses, big or small, governments and research institutes are using our optical payload solutions to grow their opportunities with the least risk at the fastest pace.

CubeSat Imager - xScape100

Design to Scale

We designed our supply line and built processes to scale according to our customer needs.

Cubesat Imager - xScape200

Addressing Needs

With a focus on the NewSpace industry, we rapidly iterate according to client needs and requirements.

Cubesat imager - Sensor Unit and Control Electronics

Optimal Cost-Performance

We assist our clients to develop instruments operating at the best cost-performance point.


A World-Class Environment

To develop top of the range optical payloads and Cubesat imagers, you do need world-class infrastructure. Building a Class 7 cleanroom with multiple vertical integration frames and state-of-the-art measuring equipment does not happen overnight. It requires decades of knowledge and hands-on experience.