SmallSat 2020 Webinar Series

3 – 5 August 2020

Crossing the value gap for small EO satellite missions

Thys Cronje – August 2020

The Earth Observation industry is currently going through major changes. Moving away from selling data to value added services. These changes have a direct impact on optical payloads for smaller satellites. The traditional linear value chain won’t do anymore. One will need to look at new business models where small satellite operators close the loop between onboard operations and downstream value added services.

Designing Optical Payloads for the Kodak Moment

Johan du Plooy – August 2020

Developing optical payloads for space are challenging due to the environmental conditions, especially at scale. 

In these slides the opto-mechanical challenges are address to drive cost and lead times down through a mass customization approach. The use of standard materials with optical, structural and thermal design tools in a concurrent design approach are shown.

Optimizing small EO satellite for accuracy

Thys Cronje – August 2020

The big challenge today is to compare the accuracy and performance of relative large optical payloads with CubeSat based payloads.

The slides of this webinar take a look at all the parameters to address when optimizing an optical Earth Observation payload for performance and accuracy. Parameters and figures-of-merit for spectral, spatial and radiometric resolution are addressed.