xScape50 Product Range

A giant leap for Cubesat imagers. The xScape50 product range brings wide angle imaging from space in multiple options. With the xScape50, monitoring the globe becomes effortless and affordable. 

The xScape50 Key Parameters

0.1 U
0 m
GSD at 500 km
1 km
Swath at 500 km




Select Your xScape50

xScape50 Cubesat Imager


RGB Snapshot or HD Video

With the TriScape50, capturing change on earth becomes effortless. This imager unlocks realtime HD-video capabilities.

xScape50 Cubesat Imager

MultiScape50 CIS

7 VNIR Spectral Bands

The MultiScape50 allows you to capture more of the earth, in more bands, in less time. If you want to see change early, look nowhere else.

xScape50 Cubesat Imager


Up to 32 Spectral Bands

The HyperScape50 brings the power of hyperspectral imaging to a global scale. Capture the spectral content of every spot on the earth in no time.

xScape50 Product Range Specifications

TriScape50MultiScape50 CISHyperScape50
ConfigurationSnapshot / VideoPush BroomPush Broom
Focal Length93.9 mm93.9 mm93.9 mm
Front Aperture11.75 mm11.75 mm11.75 mm
GSD @ 500 km29.3 m29.3 m29.3 m
Swath @ 500 km120 km120 km120 km
Digital TDI EnabledN/AUp to 32 stages dTDIUp to 10 stages dTDI
Pixel Depth12 bit12 bit12 bit
Spectral BandsRGB Bayer Pattern7 Bands VNIR32 Bands VNIR
Spectral Range450 – 670 nm450 – 900 nm450 – 900 nm
Storage Capacity128 Gigabyte 128 Gigabyte 128 Gigabyte
Power Consumption7 Watt (During Imaging)7 Watt (During Imaging)7 Watt (During Imaging)
Mass0.37 kg0.37 kg0.37 kg
Volume95.9 x 90.2 x 112 mm95.9 x 90.2 x 112 mm95.9 x 90.2 x 112 mm
Operating Temperature-10°C to +50°C-10°C to +50°C-10°C to +50°C