xScape200 Product Range

A new standard for remote sensing payloads and Cubesat imagers. The xScape100 opens a whole new way of thinking about earth observation.

0 U
0 m
GSD at 500 km
1 km
Swath at 500 km

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TriScape200 Cubesat Imager


RGB Snapshot or HD Video

The TriScape200 is designed with high definition video and RGB imaging for change detection in mind at 1.5m GSD from a 500km orbit in a 12U volume.

MultiScape200 Cubesat Imager

MultiScape200 CIS

7 VNIR Spectral Bands

The MultiScape200 CIS features 9344 pixels in the across-track direction in up to 7 bands across the visible and near-IR spectral range at 1.5m GSD from 500km.

xScape200 Product Range Specifications

ConfigurationSnapshot / VideoPush Broom
Focal Length1,067 mm1,067 mm
Front Aperture190 mm190 mm
GSD @ 500 km1.5 m1.5 m
Swath @ 500 km14.0 km14.0 km
Number of Pixels9344 x 7000 Pixels9344 Pixels
Digital TDIN/AEnabled
Pixel Depth10 bit12 bit
Spectral BandsRGB Bayer Pattern7 Bands VNIR
Spectral Range450 – 670 nm450 – 900 nm
Power Consumption6 Watt (Typical)6 Watt (Typical)
Mass12.1 kg12.1 kg
Volume216 x 216 x 304 mm216 x 216 x 304 mm
Operating Temperature-10°C to +50°C-10°C to +50°C