TriScape200 Product Specifications

TriScape200 Product

The TriScape200 is designed with high definition video and RGB imaging for change detection in mind. The combination of an advanced sensor, high performance optical front-end  and onboard processing options unlock multiple opportunities for 16U CubeSats and micro-satellites.

Designed to get more insight of our planet.

The TriScape200 is enabling change monitoring applications at an extraordinary resolution in a CubeSat form factor. The engineering team based the designed on a 65.4-megapixel RGB CMOS image sensor. This imager is ideal for real-time high definition video and push-frame imaging from space.

1.50 m

GSD at 500 km

14.0 km

swath at 500 km

65.4 MPixel




450 - 670nm

spectral range



TriScape200 Product Specifications

Focal Length1067 mm ±1 mm
Aperture190 mm
Full Field of View1.6° (across-track); 1.2° (along-track)
ConfigurationSnapshot, Global Shutter
Sensor TechnologyCMOS
Resolution9344 x 7000 pixels
Pixel Size3.2 µm
Pixel Depth10-bit
Spectral FilterRGB Bayer with NIR Blocking Filter
NIR Filter Cut-off670 nm ± 10 nm
On-Board Electronics
Storage Capacity128 Gigabyte EDAC protected NAND Flash
Image ProcessingBinning, Thumbnails
Image CompressionCCSDS 122.0-B-2 Lossy/Lossless (optional)
Video ProcessingH.264 1080p30 (optional)
Control Interface OptionsI2C, SPI
SpaceWire (ECSS-E-ST-50-12C) (optional)
RS-422, RS-485 (optional)
Data Interface OptionsLVDS
SpaceWire (ECSS-E-ST-50-12C) (optional)
USART (optional)
Power Supply5.0 V DC ± 150mV
Power Consumption2.5 W when idle or during readout
5.8 W during imaging
Mass12.1 kg ± 2%
Dimensions216 x 216 x 304 mm
Operating Temperature-10 to +50 °C
Sun-facing durationSun can be within FFOV for up to 3 minutes
Radiation (TID)Tested beyond 25 kRad, without shielding, using a 60Co source