Making CubeSat
Earth Observation

Simera Sense is on a mission to make Earth Observation with CubeSat imagers effortless and affordable. We produce end-to-end optical payload solutions for CubeSat cameras with up to 1.5 m GSD covering the RGB, Video, Multispectral and Hyperspectral domain applications.

CubeSat Imagers Simplified

At Simera Sense, we focus on making Earth Observation effortless to understand better the earth’s past, present, and future. Our customers are constantly exploring ways to monitor the planet continuously in an affordable way. We provide simplified but powerful Cubesat imagers to improve operational efficiency while enabling more intelligent decisions.

Cubesat optical payloads

A New Standard for earth observation

xScape50 Cubesat Imager


30 m GSD

The xScape50 product range is known for its size and performance. It features a design that makes it easy to assemble into a 1U volume and integrate with the rest of a 3U CubeSat. Further, the wide field-of-view enables a remarkable coverage.

CubeSat Imager - xScape100


4.75 m GSD

The xScape100 product range enables the highest earth observation performance in the most compact form factor for a CubeSat imager. The large aperture and long focal length enable a compelling spatial resolution for 3U and 6U Cubesats.

Cubesat Imager - xScape200


1.5 m GSD

The xScape200 product range elevates the optical performance for Cubesat imagers (16U) to a whole new level. All the elements that define a remote sensing payload, optical front-end, sensor, electronics, and structure were re-engineered.

Cubesat imager - Sensor Unit and Control Electronics

RGB/Video Imager

High frequency visible and video data allows for active change monitoring of the earth’s infrastructure near real-time. Cubesat imagers with RGB/video capabilities offer eyeballs to provide event intelligence at the moment when needed.

Multispectral Imager

Multispectral information of the earth’s surface provides critical information for productive, profitable, and sustainable societies. Cubesat imagers can capture up to seven spectral bands at a scale never seen before for agricultural, forestry, and land use applications.

CubeSat Imager - xScape100
Cubesat Imager - xScape200

Hyperspectral Imager

Hyperspectral imagery unlocks a whole new dimension for Cubesat imagers. With the increase of sophisticated processing techniques and a more comprehensive range of assets to monitor, Earth Observation data analysts require a paradigm shift in Cubesat EO instruments.

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