MultiScape200 CIS Product Specifications

MultiScape200 Product

Designed to define new limits for Earth Observation. The MultiScape200 CIS features 9344 pixels in the across-track direction in up to 7 bands across the visible and near-IR spectral range. The digital TDI capabilities brings a whole new level of pixel depth to each image.

More powerful. More resolution at its core.

The MultiScape200 CIS brings more in-depth insight with more spatial and spectral detail to each pixel. Engineered to fit in a 12U volume makes the MultiScape200 CIS ideal for any 16U or larger platform. Thanks to an advanced thermal design, satellite operators can use the MultiScape200 CIS over a wide temperature range, for longer.

1.50 m

GSD at 500 km

14.0 km

swath at 500 km

7 Bands

in the VNIR spectrum



450 - 900nm

spectral range

9344 pixels

in the across track

MultiScape200 Product Specifications

Focal Length1067 mm ±1 mm
Aperture190 mm
Full Field of View1.6° (across-track), 1.2° (along-track);
ConfigurationLine-scan (Push Broom)
Sensor TechnologyCMOS Global Shutter
Resolution9344 pixels
Pixel Size3.2 µm
Pixel Depth12-bit
Spectral Filter7 Band (Butchers Block)
Spectral Range450 nm to 900 nm
Digital TDI StagesUp to 32 per Band
On-Board Electronics
Storage Capacity128 Gigabyte EDAC protected NAND Flash
Image ProcessingBinning, Thumbnails
Image CompressionCCSDS 122.0-B-2 Lossy/Lossless (optional)
Video ProcessingH.264 1080p30 (optional)
Control Interface OptionsI2C, SPI
SpaceWire (ECSS-E-ST-50-12C) (optional)
RS-422, RS-485 (optional)
Data Interface OptionsLVDS
SpaceWire (ECSS-E-ST-50-12C) (optional)
USART (optional)
Power Supply5.0 V DC ± 150mV
Power Consumption2.5 W when idle or during readout
5.8 W during imaging
Mass12.1 kg ± 2%
Dimensions216 x 216 x 304 mm
Operating Temperature-10 to +50 °C
Sun-facing durationSun can be within FFOV for up to 5 minutes
Radiation (TID)Tested beyond 25 kRad, without shielding, using a 60Co source